VicForests Farm Forestry Field Day

Gippsland Forestry Hub’s General Manager, Lesia Goodwin, attended VicForests Farm Forestry Field day on Friday 27th October.

Organised by the VicForests Farm Forestry team, the Gippsland Farm Forestry Program’s main objective is to encourage and support the establishment and management of plantations on farms to contribute to future timber supply.

Grants under the program encourage applicants to consider growing timber trees for income diversification and as part of a whole farm plan, optimising the co-benefits of the trees for carbon sequestration, shelter, shade, biodiversity and general farm amenity. Timber from the trees established under the program remains entirely the property of the landholders, with VicForests’ wholly focused on encouraging and helping guide the uptake of farm forestry and supporting the growth of learning networks and service providers to help facilitate the growth of the industry.

The field day covered multi-storey initiatives at Wilandra Farms to insightful discussions at Heartwood Plantations and The Gippsland Farm, the event offered a promising glimpse into sustainable timber supply strategies in Gippsland.


Learn more about the Farm Forestry Program here: Farm forestry (