60 Year Celebration for Dave ‘Daisy’ Siddle

Growing up as one of 9 siblings in a family heavily involved in the timber industry, Daisy fulfilled his dream at 17 when he began is career as a truck driver. He briefly owned his own fleet of three trucks which he later sold and began working for Austimber Harvesting and Haulage Pty Ltd in Morwell, which lasted 15 years before the Haulage business was sold to ANC Forestry Group. Of course, Daisy followed the truck to ANC where he is now celebrating over 60 years within the Forestry Industry.
Rising at 12.30am, 77-year-old Daisy is in the yard by 2am to start his day which involves driving to a coupe for loading, delivering the timber to the pulp mill, then returning to the coupe for reloading, and so forth. He makes this trip four to five times per day, Monday to Friday and estimates he averages 46 tonne a load. He has witnessed many changes over the years within the forestry industry including the incorporation of splitter machines, OHS and new technology.
When asked what the secret is to his amazing career, he states that he never sweats the small stuff and never takes work baggage home as it will always be there to pick up again tomorrow. Daisy states that everything changes, and you just have to change with it. He is passionate about his job, and when asked what still requires changing in the industry – he simply replied, ‘Don’t let them shut the industry down’.
Wise words indeed.