About Gippsland Forestry Hub

The Gippsland Forestry Hub (GFHub)has received funding under the National Forest Industries Plan which has the overarching objectives of “better returns to business, more investment, more jobs and greater economic prosperity for Australia” and “improve the productivity and efficiency of Australia’s forestry sector and support the region and its economy.”

The hub’s focus is to concentrate on:

  • Innovation/Growth
  • Plantation expansion
  • Research and development
  • Education & Training
  • Employment possibilities
  • Roading/Transport
  • Infrastructure
  • and, importantly, Community engagement.

GFHub aims to identify opportunities for a growing industry into the future to make the forest and forest products industry sustainable while supporting local and regional communities to thrive, improve public perceptions, support the community, and raise awareness in the region of the career opportunities and employment pathways in the sectors.

The Gippsland Forestry Hub was successful in its application for funding and the Gippsland Forestry Hub Inc was created in April 2020. It will be funded by the Australian Federal Government until 2022.

Hands holding tree seeds

Our Vision

Acknowledge industrial, commercial and sectoral differences of stakeholders and ensure that the primary objectives of sustainability, job creation and economic contribution are maintained and developed.

Acknowledge the importance of a sustainable, safe, productive and environmentally conscious industry that provides a sustainable future for all.

Our Objectives

The key objectives of the Hub are:

  • Analysing the constraints that affect the productivity and efficiency of the forestry sector.
  • Pinpointing opportunities for future investment in infrastructure and technology, and areas for potential expansion by forest industries.
  • Identifying and supporting business cases for the investment in new infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, ports, telecommunications and training facilities, thereby assisting forest service industries to better plan their futures.
  • Determining the potential for future plantation expansion within appropriate transport distances and near other existing sources of wood and fibre. This could include mapping potential land availability for plantations, as well as engaging with farmers, indigenous communities and other landowners to establish forestry plantings.

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