2023 ANZIF Conference

From October 15 to October 18, foresters, forest growers and scientists, and industry supporters from across the Asia-Pacific region converged at the Twin Towns Conference Centre in Coolangatta for the 2023 ANZIF Conference, a collaborative effort by Forestry Australia and The New Zealand Institute of Forestry.

Under the theme “Embracing Our Natural Capital: The Science, Technology, and Art of Managing Forests For All Values,” the conference included conversations about the future of sustainable forest management. With an emphasis on active and adaptive practices, attendees explored the role of evidence-based and emerging innovation, technology, skills, and knowledge in preserving our natural capital for generations to come.

The conference program offered a day of immersive field sessions which provided participants with hands-on experiences to delve deeper into the core themes of the conference, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of practical applications within the forestry sector.

The 2023 ANZIF Conference in Coolangatta stands as a testament to the collective dedication of the forestry community towards safeguarding our natural capital and nurturing a sustainable future for all.